The Metacognitive Dimension of Metaliteracy

Metacognition is a crucial part of writing essays or research projects for school. In the video they discuss the importance of planning, monitoring, and evaluating. These three things help with making sure that your paper reflects what problem your trying to address. Sometimes as a writer it is hard to maintain focus and exclude all the irrelevant information. 

In class we talked about the different sources available in databases and really picking out what information is key. Sometimes sorting through the vast amount of information can be the most difficult part. Learning how to use advanced searches has allowed for it to be much easier to find more specific articles. Having this information at our fingertips lets us learn and continue to be more critical of our own work. The more knowledge we have the better we can assess our own work.



Influence of Changing Technology on Students

     Social and technological changes have revolutionized what it means to be a student today. New technology allows students to share and gather information with others. Students are now able to switch roles to the teacher and give information to others. Due to the ability for a vast amount of people to share information it becomes difficult for someone to find what is fact. There are videos, articles, and other ways of sharing information that a student must be able to go through. 

     There are more roles and domains for a student today. Using the internet students are able to do so much more then they could do previously. Able to create, teach, research, and do all these other things were not an option for earlier students, at least on the broad scale you can now. Students are now able to talk and interact with people from all over the world. This is a powerful tool that was not available for earlier generations. 

     I feel that students are better off today then they were in previous generations. Having the ability to access so much more information allows students to know things about everything. Simply Googling something opens up the door to a vast amount of information. Earlier generations were much more limited in the amount of access they had. The current generation I believe has a vast amount of knowledge that others did not.


What Metaliteracy Means to Me

                Metaliteracy allows for people to connect with one another while sharing ideas and learning. With social media and other technology becoming the primary use of communication, metaliteracy uses this to its advantage as a means to promote learning. Metaliteracy offers a means to quickly access and gain new information with others. Metaliteracy combines traditional means of information such as books and articles with the newly developing social media. This new learning methods allows for people to connect and discuss different ideas in a constructive environment.

                With this course I hope to learn more about how to use the internet as a tool to learn. There is a vast amount of information offered on social media and other online communities but it is difficult to find the actual facts. Sorting through and understanding all of the information offered can be a difficult task. Through discussing with others and sharing my own ideas, I do believe that this process could become much easier. I think metaliteracy offers a more exciting means to gain information with others.

                Becoming more metaliterate is a necessity when trying to succeed in today’s world. It is impossible to avoid how much technology has grown and become part of our lives. It is crucial that we have the ability to use the internet as a tool for ourselves. Even beyond school there will always be a need for information. Working and discussing with others can only strengthen our own knowledge.